Mission Statement

Montgomery County Emergency Services District No. 4 and Needham Fire Rescue Company are dedicated to providing public safety services to our citizens that result in improved quality of life and peace of mind.  Our members will strive to minimize losses and suffering through emergency service delivery, public education, public information, and community service activities.  We will provide service and treat those we serve and each other in a manner that is honest, fair, and unbiased; honor our heritage, actively participate in our community, and serve with integrity; strive to support the individual development, personal satisfaction, and pride of all members and employees; and endeavor to uphold the unique camaraderie and trust that is the fire service.  This is the goal of Montgomery County Emergency Services District No. 4 and Needham Fire Rescue Company employees.


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Welcome to the Chief's Corner

Message from Chief Hosler

It makes me proud to serve as Fire Chief with the dedicated fire fighters and staff, who work each and every day to keep our community safe. With more than 50 Fire Department employees, we provide round-the-clock service to the growing population of Montgomery County Emergency Services District No. 4 residents. Our continuing training and education encourages our firefighters to be the best they can be.


Kevin Hosler

Fire Chief



Montgomery County Emergency Services District No. 4 and Needham Fire Rescue Company have received a new rating of 2 from the Insurance Services Office, a benchmark that means property owners could see lower insurance rates.

The department was rated as a Class 4/8B fire-protection area in 2006, but hasn’t been rated since. The ISO, which provides the ratings to insurance companies, began a new effort to classify fire departments in 2015.

Insurance premiums are based in part on the quality of fire protection, which means property owners here can get lowered premium on that area of insurance.

Analysts looked at everything from how far apart fire stations are from each other to how long it takes dispatchers to answer calls. It also evaluated the district’s water supply and fire hydrants, and the use of Tanker trucks.In 2014, the fire department responded to 1,770 calls with an average response time of 6 minutes, 09 seconds.