Carriage Hills Fire - December 28, 2015

2016 - December to January

Station 62 National Night Out location pictures

Oak Ridge High School Homecoming Parade 2016

conroe Explosion
River Bridge Motor Vehicle Accident

Needham Fire Resc​ue

Montgomery county emergency services district no. 4
Fourth of July PaRADE
Deer Stuck Between Fences

April and May Floods

Broadway Fire

Thank you to Montgomery County Police Reporter for Video and Pictures
Groundbreaking at Station 62

Habitat for Humanity National Night Out location

Thank You Habitat for Humanity for some of the great pictures and location!

Magnolia Grass Fire

2015 December to January

Interior Wall Studs

House Fire - November 2016

Fallen Marines Family Taken to Airport - January 21, 2016
Cert Training at Station 64
Santa in the Neighborhoods - December 2015
NFR Deploys truck and crew to help with flooding in Deweyville - March, 2016
National Night Out - October 6, 2015 - Station 61
Oak Ridge High School Homecoming Parade - October 7, 2015
Centerline Gas Leak

Fire Prevention Month Education at Oak Ridge Elementary School

Station 62 Complete!

Red Iron!!!!!
Station 62 - March, 2016

National Night Out Festivities!

Station 62 Open House and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

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Carriage Hills Fire

Fire Prevention at Oak Ridge Elementary School - October 8, 2015